International Advocacy

Together we can create a healthier world

Harnessing the power of millions of health clubs around the world to create a culture of wellness and encourage people of all ages and physical conditions to exercise regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Get off the sidelines!

Together we can make the healthy choice the easy choice by influencing policies that encourage the use of health clubs.

  • Education

    Increasing the global understanding of the value and return on investment of health club-based physical activity.

  • Communication

    Communicating the vital role health clubs play throughout the world in fighting the obesity epidemic.

  • Research

    Aggregating and disseminating research that supports the global industry's efforts to increase physical activity.

Global Health & Fitness Alliance

The Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA) is IHRSA's international advocacy arm, comprised of CEO's and C-suite leaders and stakeholders representing health and fitness club operators, suppliers, national and international associations, and allied organizations. The GHFA creates a unified voice for the worldwide health and fitness industry. Those who lead the GHFA Advisory Council as well as group volunteers promote standards, policies, and regulations that support the entire industry's operations and needs.


A Vision for a Healthier World

IHRSA and its members are committed to playing a major leadership role in combating the rise of the obesity epidemic, at both the community and national levels. Specifically, IHRSA members share a vision for a healthier, more prosperous world achieved by focusing on primary prevention through healthy living and regular exercise.

This vision for a healthier, more prosperous world is a unifying game plan to foster a culture of wellness from the ground up by encouraging health clubs to work together to advocate for health promotion legislation at the local, national and international levels; and work toward making their clubs valuable community resources for disease prevention and healthy living.

Health Policy and Promotion

Growing the global health and fitness club industry through tax incentives for physical activity, tax deductibility of health club memberships, tax credits for youth athletics, and funding for physical education.