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A membership designed specifically for studios, small gyms, and boutique fitness facilities and their staff.

An IHRSA membership is the best value in the industry

Join a community of professionals dedicated to growing their businesses, improving the health & wellness of their customers, and impacting the future of the industry. IHRSA's vast collection of research, content, and educational opportunities will give you and your team the tools you need to thrive. Connect with industry thought leaders and influencers to learn, share ideas, and support global initiatives to uplift the industry.

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Designed for Pilates, yoga, personal training and group exercise studios, boutique gyms, and similar facilities with a size of <7,000 square feet (650 square meters). Benefits can be accessed by every employee in your business.

$27 /month
Single Studio
$42 /month
2-3 Studios
$63 /month
4-5 Studios
$126 /month
6-10 Studios
Companies with 11+ studios please contact IHRSA.

*Additional discounts apply for international members.


Featured Studio Discounts & Benefits:

  • FREE Live & On-demand Webinars
  • FREE Consumer Insights
  • 10% IHRSA Research
  • 10% Education & Staff Training
  • 10% Toolkits & E-books
  • Portion of Dues Supports Advocacy
  • Alerts to Harmful Legislation
  • Active & Safe Commitment
  • CBI Magazine
  • Weekly Updates
  • Save on Music Licensing & Other Expenses

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The Industry’s Role in Shaping a Better Future

The National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA) is a broad-based, open-platform, community-driven alliance created to unite the advocacy, public policy, stakeholder engagement, fundraising and lobbying efforts of the health and fitness industry in the United States. Learn more ⟶

Thousands of the World's Best

IHRSA represents over 200,000 health clubs, gyms, and studios across the globe. Join over 7,500 members dedicated to making the world healthier through exercise.

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Best Value in the Industry


An IHRSA membership connects you to the industry’s most robust collection of data, need-to-know information, and best practices so you can lead your business into the future with confidence. Elite educational opportunities, webinars, and the world's best Trade Show provide a path to connecting with industry thought leaders and influencers. Join thousands of the world’s best clubs by becoming an IHRSA member today.

Research & Benchmarking icon

Research & Benchmarking

IHRSA's research publications are the most authoritative reports on KPIs, including revenue, retention, and member demographics.

Discounts & Savings icon

Discounts & Savings

Receive information and resources tailored to the needs of fitness studios, from best practices to research and benchmarking straight to your inbox.

Access for Staff icon

Access for Staff

Every member of your studio’s staff can access IHRSA’s webinars, e-books, toolkits, and other resources. These tools are designed to help your staff increase their knowledge and work smarter for your business.

Studio Newsletter icon

Studio Newsletter

Receive information and resources tailored to the needs of fitness studios, from best practices to research and benchmarking straight to your inbox.

Live & On-demand Webinars icon

Live & On-demand Webinars

Whether you want to hone your fitness business knowledge or educate staff, IHRSA webinars are for you. An archive of 100+ on-demand webinars and monthly live webinars are available to members.

IHRSA Convention & Events icon

IHRSA Convention & Events

Our educational events provide an array of speakers on business and strategy, instructional sessions for management success, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and spectacular trade shows.

IHRSA Experts icon

IHRSA Experts

Our diverse roster of expert staff is here for our members. We run offense to keep you informed and provide you with critical guidance on legal matters, research, and more.

Driving Business Outcomes icon

Driving Business Outcomes

IHRSA is focused on driving business outcomes through work with private and public sector partners to fight for the industry and promote the industry’s mission of a healthier business, a healthier industry, and a healthier world. In the US, the National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA) also stops harmful legislation. icon

Access exclusive tools to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your studio. IHRSA’s digital library serves as the one-stop source for industry-specific best practices and insights covering everything to grow your business.

Active & Safe icon

Active & Safe

The IHRSA Active & Safe Commitment is an initiative to reaffirm the industry’s dedication to safety. Make the pledge at no extra cost, and show your members and community how much their health and safety means to you.

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